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Validation class for information in PHP.



  • 1.0.0

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    Description: This class should be used statically to validate a set of textual inputs as specified by the user. Once called, it will provide an array of any errors which ocurred throughout validation. Please refer to the 'validate' function for more information.


  • Andrew Judd, 2010




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Class Details

Validation class for information in PHP.

This database class is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This database class is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


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Class Variables

Class Methods

static validate

static array validate( array 0)

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This function is the only function which needs to be called for this class.

It will complete all of the processing of the information passed into it as parameters and then return an array containing all of the issues with the specified data. If there are no problems, this function will return NULL.

For each parameter the following values are possible:

  • value - the value which needs to be validated
  • field - the name that this data will be referenced by
  • length - specify the length of the information stored.
  • string - specify specific information about the actual string (i.e. what is allowed and what is not)
  • integer - a number without any decimal points (defaults to signed)
  • decimal - a number with decimal places (defaults to signed)
  • real - same as decimal

Please Note: The 'value' and 'field' fields must always be in the array or else the value will provide an error.
Please Note: All parameters are case-sensitive.

Some of the validation fields may require additional information when than what is originally provided. To do this, add an additional array can be associated with each of the options (as listed below) to make the validation more thorough.

Options with Extra Parameters:

length (a minimum of 1 of these parameters must be provided):

  • min - The minimum length that the value is allowed to have.
  • max - The maximum length that the value is allowed to have.

string (a minimum of 1 of these parameters must be provided):

  • alphabetic - Only allows letters of the alphabet in the text
  • alphanumeric - Only allows letters of the alphabet and numbers in the text
  • anything - Allows any kind of characters in the string
  • spaces - Allows for spaces to be in any of the text fields (combines with the three previous options)


  • min - The minimum value that the number is allowed to be.
  • max - The maximum value that the number is allowed to be.


  • min - The minimum value that the number is allowed to be.
  • max - The maximum value that the number is allowed to be.

Sample usage of this function:

 $variable1 = 'bob';
 $variable2 = 'howdy';
 ValidateText::validate ( array ( 'value' => $variable1, 'field' => '1', 'length' => array ( 'min' => 5 ) ),
			array ( 'value' => $variable2, 'field' => '2', 'length' => array ( 'min' => 5, 'max' => 10 )


  • return - Either an array of error messages about what is incorrect about the data, or NULL if there are no problems with the data.
  • access - public


  • array 0 - args1-X - The arrays of values which will be validated against various criteria.

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Class Constants

ERROR_INVALID_CHARACTERS_IN_STRING =  'The provided string \'<em>%v</em>\' contains some invalid charaters for field <em>%f</em>.'

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ERROR_INVALID_DECIMAL =  'The decimal value provided (<em>%v</em>) was invalid for field <em>%f</em>.'

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ERROR_INVALID_INTEGER =  'The integer provided (<em>%v</em>) was invalid for field <em>%f</em>.'

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ERROR_INVALID_MAXIMUM_VALUE =  'The provided maximum value (%v) for the field \'<em>%f</em>\' is invalid.'

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ERROR_INVALID_MINIMUM_VALUE =  'The provided minimum value (%v) for the field \'<em>%f</em>\' is invalid.'

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ERROR_INVALID_OPTIONS_TYPE =  'Invalid options provided for parameter <em>%p</em>.'

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ERROR_INVALID_VALIDATION_OPTION =  'The provided validation option \'<em>%m</em>\' for value <em>%v</em> does not exist.'

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ERROR_MAXIMUM_LENGTH_EXCEEDED =  'The text \'<em>%v</em>\' exceeds the maximum length of %p for field <em>%f</em>.'

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ERROR_MAXIMUM_VALUE_EXCEEDED =  'The value provided <em>%v</em> exceeds the maximum required value <em>%p</em> for field <em>%f</em>.'

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ERROR_MINIMUM_LENGTH_NOT_MET =  'The text \'<em>%v</em>\' does not meet the minimum length requirement of %p for field <em>%f</em>.'

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ERROR_MINIMUM_VALUE_NOT_MET =  'The value provided <em>%v</em> is less than the minimum required value <em>%p</em> for field <em>%f</em>.'

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ERROR_NO_FIELD_SPECIFIED =  'No field to validate for parameter <em>%p</em>.'

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ERROR_NO_PARAMETERS_FOR_STRING =  'The string \'<em>%v</em>\' was to be validated for field <em>%f</em>, however no validation options were provided.'

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ERROR_NO_REQUIREMENTS =  'No validation requirements for parameter <em>%p</em>.'

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ERROR_NO_VALUE_SPECIFIED =  'No value to validate for parameter <em>%p</em>.'

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REGEX_SIGNED_DECIMAL =  '/^(\+|\-)?[0-9]*\.?[0-9]+$/'

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REGEX_SIGNED_INTEGER =  '/^(\+|\-)?[0-9]+$/'

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REGEX_UNSIGNED_DECIMAL =  '/^[0-9]*\.[0-9]+$/'

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