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May 16, 2011

MiniMVC – Small Fix

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I have pushed out a small fix for the configuration file (./app/config/config.php) out to all versions of MiniMVC.  There was an issue that if you put MiniMVC a few folders deep the URLs would start losing folders.  This has been fixed as well as I added a / at the end of the index.php so that it too can be used properly (i.e. not a special case to be handled differently than if __SHOWINDEX__ was disabled).

Sorry for any inconveniences these bugs may have caused.

May 8, 2011

MiniMVC Form Builder 1.0.10 → 1.0.11

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Small update.  As mentioned on Wednesday, this weekend’s update fixes the issue where you could only select one value.

To select more than one value all you need to do is for the value specify an array of all keys which will be marked as selected if found.

May 4, 2011

Bug Fixes Coming Soon …

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I was informed a little while ago that there was an issue with the updated version of the Form Builder where if you select a checkbox list you can only default 1 of the values to selected, not multiple.  I will be working on fixing this issue this weekend.

I also want to mention that I believe the version of the database class included with MiniMVC currently is a bit out of date.  I had completed some updates making it work properly and not give notices when running on E_STRICT.  So you will want to update the version by downloading the database class from the link on the right named “Database Class” and then placing it into the system/libraries folder of MiniMVC.

Any bugs you find please let me by either posting it as a comment or by emailing me it through my contact page.

Tutorials now on YouTube

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Apparently this has been up for 6 months already, but today was the first time I saw it.  Xylogeist who has been using MiniMVC has started a series on YouTube walking through how to make a CMS using MiniMVC.  The first video is available here.

Apparently the next video will be coming up within the next week or so, so I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see it :).

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