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December 31, 2010

Mini MVC – Form Builder 1.0.8 → 1.0.9

Filed under: Updates — judda @ 10:14 pm

Updated the Form Builder for the following two input types:

  • Checkbox – the value will which is set will now enable and disable the checked value rather than set the ‘value’ attribute of the input element.  The value which should be passed in should be a boolean (TRUE/FALSE).  The posted value will also be returned as TRUE if the checkbox was posted checked.
  • File – the element in the value array will now contain information about the actual uploaded file rather than not be present

December 21, 2010

Mini MVC – Form Builder 1.0.7 → 1.0.8

Filed under: Updates — judda @ 7:20 pm

Tiny update but huge effect.  As was pointed out by Xylogeist, the setValue function for forms wasn’t working at all.  This has now been fixed.  Goal for next year will be to add Unit Tests so that slight of keys don’t show up any more and break the application :).

Thanks Xylogeist for pointing it out!

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